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The Netherlands Architecture Fund


The Netherlands Architecture Fund

The Netherlands Architecture Fund implements various contribution programmes aimed at developing and exchange knowledge concerning the design disciplines and increasing interest in architecture, urbanism, and design. Each year the Fund supports a large number of national and international unique and innovative projects.


International Projects Architecture / International Projects Design

The Programme for international projects focuses on the international profiling of Dutch architecture, urbanism and design. In addition, the Fund aims to enhance the international exchange of knowledge about spatial issues that are topical in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Architecture Fund

Priority Countries

The Board of the Netherlands Architecture Fund has designated Turkey and Morocco as priority countries for this policy period. In addition in 2011 the Fund will focus attention on Brazil.

This means, among other things, that grant applications, which have been approved, for projects in these countries will not have their grant sum cut-back in cases where a grant application round's available budget has been exceeded. In addition the Netherlands Architecture Fund has made available a (limited) budget for supporting projects that fall outside the grant programmes.



The Netherlands Architecture Fund has awarded a grant sum to the project The making of Beyoglu instigated by the Turkish research bureau SALT. An exhibition serves to spotlight eight cases of top-down urban development in Istanbul's Beyoglu district. The show reflects on traditional policy, its impact on urban development and on the citizens' lack of involvement. The Dutch Bureau Venhuizen is organizing a game, centred round each case, intended to raise residents' awareness of the problems involved. The intention is to stimulate residents to take part in the discussion about the current approach to urban development. The show can be seen during Istanbul's International Biennale from 17 September to 13 December 2011.