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The following universities in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) contain industrial design departments: 

 Anadolu Üniversitesi (Anadolu University)

 Eskişehir Arel Üniversitesi (Arel University)

Istanbul Atılım Üniversitesi (Atılım University), Ankara

Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi (Bahçeşehir University), IstanbulDoğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi (Eastern Mediterranean University), KKTCDoğuş Üniversitesi (Doğuş University), IstanbulGazi Üniversitesi (Gazi University), AnkaraHaliç Üniversitesi (Haliç University), Istanbul Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (Istanbul Technical University), IstanbulIşık Üniversitesi (Işık University), IstanbulIzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi (Izmir University of Economics), IzmirIzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü (Izmir Institute of High Technology), Izmir (only at the master’s level)Kadir Has Üniversitesi (Kadir Has University), IstanbulMarmara Üniversitesi (Marmara University), IstanbulMelikşah Üniversitesi (Melikşah University), KayseriMimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University), IstanbulOkan Üniversitesi (Okan University), Istanbul

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Middle East Technical University), Ankara Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi (International Cyprus University), KKTC Yeditepe Üniversitesi (Yeditepe University), Istanbul Yaşar Üniversitesi (Yaşar University), Izmir

(The list of industrial design departments can be reached through the following web site: http://etmk.org.tr/about/endustriyel-tasarim/egitim/)

Although the growing number of industrial design departments may be considered as a positive development, there are also reasons why it is hard to evaluate the phenomenon positively. Especially considering the shortage of academic staff in industrial design in many of these departments, as well as other shortages such as the necessary investment for the hardware of the industrial design education, it becomes clear that much remains to be done. It seems that with a few exceptions, private universities open industrial design departments without careful planning as a popular study subject to attract students, in any case a higher number than the demand.