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Istanbul Design Week


Since 2005, a design specific event has been organized at different intervals under the name of Istanbul Design Week. The first two editions of this event, in 2005 and 2007, were held at the Old Galata Bridge, a piece of industrial heritage which is stored idly on the Golden Horn. To organize the first Istanbul Design Week on the sea, and on an important piece of industrial heritage, was the idea of the veteran architect and designer Yılmaz Zenger. He defined the conceptual framework of the event as “Water World Istanbul, Wet Marketplace Haliç” (Golden Horn) (http://www. Istanbuldesignweek.com/tanitim_eng.htm)

 Unfortunately, the Istanbul Design Week could not be organized regularly. In 2009, it was organized under the name of “Istanbul Design Weekend” with a different structure. In 2010, İstanbul Design Week was again organized on the Old Galata Bridge between 29 September – 3 October.