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ETMK contact information


ETMK has 339 members in total including 165 Istanbul Branch members. Due to the expansion of the interest in industrial design to other major cities of Turkey and the increase in graduate designers in those cities led to the opening of a new branch in the coastal city of Izmir. Through the ETMK website, it is possible to follow the evolution of Turkish design scene since the 1990s (though being partial, for a descriptive story of the ETMK’s activities see Hasdoğan, 2009).


The addresses of the ETMK Merkez (can be translated as ETMK Centre Office) and its branches are as follows:


ETMK Centre Office Contact person: Filiz Özşuca P.K.:2, 06810 Çayyolu-Ankara Telephone: (530) 643 56 66 Fax: (312) 467 61 62 genelmerkez@etmk.org.tr


ETMK Istanbul Branch

Contact person: Özlem Yan Devrim

P.K.:4, 34685 Çengelköy- Istanbul Telephone: (532) 301 32 94 Fax: (216) 465 48 24  Istanbulsube@etmk.org.tr

ETMK Izmir Branch

Contact person: A. Can Özcan  Izmirtemsilcilik@etmk.org.tr