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In 2010 the exhibition “Sustainable Design” was held at Fort Asperen, the Netherlands. For this exhibition, called DNKTNK (Denktank) nine designers showed their products’ origin. They showed what materials they used and how they worked. The emphasis was on recycling and sustainability. For this reason there were, for example, sheep grazing outside the building. The aim of the initiator, which is design platform Tuttobene, is to stimulate people to be more critical of what they buy and use.

Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious that the products are produced in a sustainable way, like the tablecloths of Lotte van Laatum. She makes a group of first generation Turkish women from Utrecht embroider the patterns on the tablecloths. In doing so she takes the women out of isolation, and gives them the opportunity to earn money. See Link

The Netherlands Inititute for Higher Education in Ankara (NIHA) also organized several cultural activities in Ankara between 2007-2010:

-   Zeynep Tişkaya organized a Ceramic exhibition (based on the Iznik tile motifs) of the ceramics artist residing in Ankara at NIHA in Ankara.

-    Necla Çullu & Visal Kaynak – Ceramic exhibition with the Tulip theme