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Turkish Design in the Netherlands


B&T Design designs tables, chairs, bar stools and seats with a modern, playful and stylish look. The company was set up in 1993 in Turkey, and has had quite a few international interior projects. Now their products are also available in the Netherlands. See http://www.wonenonline.nl/interieur/meubels-bt-design.html


Amerland has a project furniture collection as well as a design concept. They also import the Turkish brand Derin to the Benelux. Their collection has characteristics from Italian design, but also has its own characteristics. See http://www.designonly.nl/ , www.amerland.nl , info@amerland.nl


Autoban was set up in 2003 by Sefer Çaglar and Seyhan Özdemir. This design group designs commercial and residential interiors. Many hotspots in Istanbul, like the stylish clothes shop Vakko and The House Café, were designed by Autoban. Liselot Baarsma introduced the label in Holland, in a showroom in Amsterdam. See http://www.suite-wood.com/Suite-Wood/Autoban.html



Design Towels is specialized in custom made textile production. Operating from Holland, they have their own production line in Turkey from which they import the products. See http://www.designtowels.nl/


Turkish design brand and studio Gaia & Gino sells its products in the Netherlands in design shops in Groningen, Amsterdam, Lelystad (online retail only), Heusden and Delft. See www.gaiagino.com


In September 2010 products that were originally made by Dutch designers Bas van Beek, Gerrie Starrenveld, Lara de Greef and Frank Willems for the exhibition‘Dutch design Made in Şişhane’ that was held at the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul in 2009, were exhibited by the Honorary Consulate in Leiden. ‘Made in Şişhane’ is a long-term project that aims to pair Turkish master crafts people to contemporary designers. It was founded by Aslı Kıyak Ingin in 2006 during the ‘Istanbul Design Week’ and Teike Asselbergs of Orgacom.nl is the Dutch partner. Firstly the project aims to get a better understanding of the networks in Şişhane. The movement in the district is generally perceived as a chaos, but is in fact a sign of an important and a meaningful communication and production network. Secondly it enriches the production networks with the participation of designers, artists and architects. Creative people become mediators to evaluate the possibilities for sustainable future developments and give testament to its intangible heritage. Made in Şişhane asks: How can design have a positive role in the sustainable development of a small scale production region? What kind of potentiality do the small scale production regions and the producers have for the designers? See www.madeinsishane.com