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“All methods are sacred if they are internally necessary.

All methods are sins if they are not justified by internal necessity.”

Wassily Kandinsky

As it can clearly be understood, the aim of this article is not providing a retrospective/comparative objective description of the architecture in Turkey and in the Netherlands. It is more like a subjective diagnostic attempt made by the help of some symptoms and indicators collected through years of personal experience in the field. In the process of writing this article Turkey is used as the main field of study, while the Netherlands is used as a benchmark. The following suggestions are made for both national and international encounters:

  • We should stop the hypocritical attitude of ignoring each other’s ideological perspectives. Without a precise knowledge and acceptance of ideological bases we stand on it is not possible to establish a healthy and efficient communication environment.
  • We should honestly exchange our likes, dislikes, judgments and prejudgments about each other and about any subject we discuss.
  • There are issues which are problems for one and potentials for the other.
  • There are issues which are problems for one and were problems for the other.
  • Same problems in different societies might not necessarily have the same solutions: the danger of direct know-how transfer!
  • Because of these differences one society might naturally provide an economical/professional potential to the other. Let’s be honest and pronounce this straightforwardly. We all know that this whole project is not purely idealistic. There is a pragmatic, even opportunistic aspect, let’s not deny it.
  • We might share the same profession but not the same motives.
  • Only then, we can pass to the professional & technical phase and start searching for a healthier way of collaboration.