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Cooperation in architectural education


Due to the limitations of financial sources, the solution of top priority subjects such as climate change, energy, environmental issues, natural disasters, population increase, and urbanization which have been brought to the agenda by the changing world is becoming more and more difficult. Pressures created by these current issues direct architectural implementations to go beyond their classical limits and to collaborate with other disciplines in search of innovative approaches which encompass new technologies. In line with these developments, architectural education not only has to undergo a general transformation, it also has to prepare a creative environment where it will be possible to translate information from other disciplines into the field of architecture for the design and implementation of future constructions and urban texture. In this context, some of the important new components of current architectural education programs are fields of specialization such as the production of recyclable intelligent building materials by using new technologies, new environment-friendly energy systems, high-tech structure designs, digital technologies, organization and optimization of project designs, and implementations.

Furthermore, the creation of models that will improve the quality of design and the production of construction in Turkey and render the processes of design and implementation more efficient and productive has been gaining importance. The transfer of these models to education, research, development and implementation is also of equal significance. In other words, cooperation in research and development, technology transfer, and consulting services in the evolution stages of subprogram components of design education are now considered essential. In this context, experts from the sector or leading international institutions such as TU Delft Technology University in the Netherlands can be partners for creative cooperation in education and research activities in Turkey. These can be developed as short or long term education, seminars, and human resources exchange programs or other organizations of the same level. Thus, with multiple exchanges of data and information transfer, it would be possible to build the necessary infrastructure for the formation of “sustainable” data in topic titles in architectural education and implementation that are lacking in Turkey.

As a result, international cooperation which will contribute to architectural education and construction technology, to form and support research groups that will realize this cooperation, to develop and sustain the necessary infrastructure will bring continuous progress together with high quality and perfection in education and research.