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Shaping the Netherlands


It is well known that the “Space for Architecture” from 1991 and “The Architecture of Space” from 1996, and the nine Major Projects “Shaping the Netherlands: Architectural Policy 2001-2004” which was an action plan, played a major role in determining the Netherlands' architectural policies. Although still inconclusive, The Chamber of Architects of Turkey has been trying to set up an Architectural Policy since 2005. Seen almost as a magic wand which is proposed as the only solution to various issues like dealing with certain construction problems of Turkey, spreading a high level of architecture culture, a better environment etc, it will be of great value to know the meaning of having an Architectural Policy in the Netherlands' case. Particularly, what are the pros and cons of an Architectural Policy? As a series of conferences/workshops that discusses such topics, “Learning from Shaping the Netherlands” can be of great help for Turkey which is at the brink of establishing an Architectural Policy of its own. Contribution of various fields is essential (architecture, urbanism, inhabitants, NGOs, government etc). Outcomes of the events can be put into a publication form (as an online media, print etc).