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Visualization of the urban shaping mechanisms


Buildings, neighborhoods, districts, cities, public buildings, public spaces, streets, market places, shopping centers etc. They are coming together to form the urban environment all over the world. However, in each country and in each city the background mechanism of this ongoing process is different. There are changing and varying types of building regulations, different decision systems, intricate approval methods, and complicated bureaucratic rules. We used to think that architects and planners shape the cities, however it is actually this complex machinery formed by regulations, codes and rules that do so.

            The project aims to make this complex mechanism become more visible by means of clear info-graphics and concise explanations in order to make the whole system easy to understand and legible. The building codes and urban regulations in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Ankara will be examined in detail and with the help of info graphic artists. These will be published in a book. A website will also be prepared with the same material. In addition, interactive features will be included in the website, which will enable the visitors to experience how small changes in building codes or the ratios in building regulations can affect the shape of the urban environment.

            With this project, it will be easier to understand the both societies' motivations in shaping the environment, their preferences and motivations will become more clear and visible.