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İmkanmekan was founded by Bilge Kalfa, Evren Uzer and Okay Karadayılar in March 2007 with the aim of forming a database for public space related design projects, organizing design workshops and forming a discussion platform related to public space. Together with the involvement of Şebnem Soher and Hakan Tüzün Şengün the practice of imkanmekan expanded in 2008 towards publication and public discussions in relation to problems and components of public space.   İmkanmekan was awarded in 2010 in the National Architecture Awards of CAT. http://tr.imkanmekan.org/

World Architecture Community

WAC is a project initiated by Suha Özkan and Cüneyt Budak as an online architectural portal with the ambition to address the overall global architectural community in 2006. However, after the unexpected death of Cüneyt Budak -the mastermind of the project- WAC's energy declined. www.worldarchitecture.org


The longest lasting and the only radio programme (on açık radio 94.9) on architecture and urbanism organized by Korhan Gümüş and Aysim Türkmen, started in 2006. www.metropolitika.com/

Made in Şişhane

‘Made in Şişhane’ was founded by Aslı Kıyak Ingin in 2006 during the ‘Istanbul Design Week’ in 2006. The project aims to get a better understanding of the networks in Şişhane, to help the habitants stay in their native land, to institutionalize their material culture (which is being rejected by the local government), to help them gain self-confidence via learning the production culture, and finally to equip them with social and economic tool kits of community empowerment. www.madeinsishane.com

Sulukule Platform

Sulukule is an old neighborhood inside the historical peninsula famous with its Roman population. When TOKI (Mass Housing Department of Turkey) decided to evacuate the area and build new residential blocks, a group of academics, architects, urban planners formed an informal platform to raise support for the Romans living there. The case grow bigger and even European Court of Human Rights was involved however TOKI and the Fatih Municipality did not step back and eventually the houses were torn down and many Roman citizens were forced to live in distant mass housing units.


Mekanar (spatial researches), is an online publication and events series initiated by architect Hakkı Yırtıcı, who also teaches in Kültür University. www.mekanar.com