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Publications and blogs


Daily Press - Currently, there is no regular columnist who writes about urban and architectural issues in any of the daily press.

Magazines  - Turkey is actually a rich country considering the number of architectural periodicals being published. However, only a few of them are influential. The list below is ordered according to their estimated printing numbers.

Mimarlık - Official periodical publication of CAT published bi-monthly since 1963 and distributed to its registered members. Even though it is high in the printing numbers, it is not as influential as other independent magazines.

Tasarım - Contains mostly project drawings and photographs from Turkey and from abroad.

Yapı - Periodic publication of BIC. Contains project photographs and drawings, news about the architectural community, some articles on different issues.

Arredemento Mimarlık - The most influential publication for years led by Uğur Tanyeli. Contains articles on theory or architecture and urbanism as well as projects from abroad and from Turkey.

XXI - The second most influential publication published by DEPO Publishing. DEPO also publishes a monthly newspaper on architecture called Yeni Mimar.

Betonart - A quarterly publication on the use of concrete in contemporary architecture. Rather than being a standard industry magazine, Betonart achieved an appreciated acclaim thanks to its rich content with critical and well written essays and careful selection of projects from around the world. Betonart was initiated by Arkitera Architecture Center for Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association and now is being published by PAB, a young architectural research office in Istanbul.

Doxa - A periodical published 3 times a year, consisting mainly academic essays on different disciplines on the boundaries of space, design and criticism, which was initiated by the faculty of architecture of Eskişehir Osmangazi University in 2000. In 2006 it started getting published by Norgunk Yayıncılık. Starting from the beginning Levent Şentürk was the editor in chief for a long time.

Dipnot  - An academic journal published in MSGSU, consists of essays on art and design written mostly by academics and is published twice a year. The journal is the result of personal endeavor of Aykut Köksal, who is also teaching in the same university.

Online publications - Ordered according to their estimated visitor numbers and influence:

Arkitera.com - The official publication of Arkitera Architectural Center. It is the most influential and widely followed publication in the architectural community since 2000.

Yapi.com.tr - Online publication of BIC, similar to Arkitera.com

Yenimimar.com - Online publication of DEPO Publishing. More focused on the issues of the contemporary agenda.

Kolokyum.com - Online publication dedicated to the discussion and announcement of architectural competitions, initiated by three young freelance architects.

Mimdap.org - Online publication initiated by two middle aged freelance architects. Started as a counter-argument publication against the policies of CAT. Today followed by a small group of architects.


Arkiv - The most complete archive of Turkish contemporary architecture is published and maintained by Arkitera Archtiecture Center which is actually an online database, published on www.arkiv.com.tr It covers most of the current well known architects and their works and extends back until 1920s with some scanned archival data.

Virtual Architecture Museum - www.mimarlikmuzesi.com which is published by BIC may also be counted as an online archive which does not have a systematic database but rather it has a virtual architectural museum role with thematic exhibitions.

Architecture and Design Archive Turkey  - Started in 2008 as a joint project of Garanti Gallery and Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, the Architecture and Design Archive Turkey (ADAT) has been scanning materials from the beginning of the century till now. What makes this archive unique and important is the fact that it covers both design and architecture. It's been planned that, as of 2011, ADAT will be available online for researchers and will be accessible to public via projects such as exhibitions and publications in the form of a “living archive.”

CAT Archive - It is also believed that CAT has quite a number of unorganized materials in their archives. On the other hand the visual archive located at the web page is not accessible to public use.

Becoming Istanbul - Garanti Gallery’s unique database entitled “Becoming Istanbul” should be considered as a multi-disciplinary archive on contemporary Istanbul: www.becomingistanbul.org / database.becomingistanbul.com/