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Denizli (0258)


Denizli has a population of about 630,000 (2009 census) and is well known as a centre for the textile business (especially home textiles) and connected fields of activity such as the dye industry. Denizli's inhabitants like the good life, although there is also some conservatism. The new wealth in Denizli has resulted much more rapidly into investments in urban culture than in many other places in Turkey and it can be considered as a location for cultural projects. Two school projects with Dutch schools were organized in Denizli and the city also has a city-link with Almelo.

Pamukkale University is a public university in Denizli and was founded in 1992. It has a department for architecture and civil engineering.


Events and organizations that are relevant for art and culture in Denizli are:

-          Many private clubs and associations have opened including: The society for the Protection of the Environment and History of Denizli; The Poets and Poetry Lovers Association and the Jazz-rock Local.

-          There is an annual amateur theater festival attended by groups from Turkey and overseas.

-          In Denizli province the International Pamukkale Music and Culture Festival is organized between June 3-5

-          International Pamukkale song competition is organized every year in June

-          International Amateur Theaters Festival.

-          Also, inspired by the unusually high reports of UFO sightings in the region over the years, the city has a museum dedicated to ufology.