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Sinop (0368)


Sinop has a population of 36,734 and dates from the 7th century BC. It is situated on Cape Sinop which is the most northern edge of the Turkish Black Sea coast. Because of its strategic importance, Sinop had a US military base which closed in 1992. The irony is that the Americans were looking at Russia from their Sinop base for intelligence during the Cold War era, but at the same time Sinop is known as a rather leftist city in Turkey. In the 1980s coupe d’etat in Turkey many educated leftist and cultural people were imprisoned in the infamous Sinop prison that is now a museum and site of the Sinop Biennal: Sinopale held by the Istanbul based European Culture Society since 2006. Sinop has a city-link with Tiel.

In the STGM database a total of 24 NGO’s was listed of which 2 were dedicated to education and youth, 1 to culture and 0 to arts.