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Eskişehir (0222)


Eskişehir is a city in north-western Turkey. According to the 2009 census, the population of the city is 617,215. The city was founded in about 1000 BC. In the STGM database a total of 296 NGO’s was listed. Of these 34 were dedicated to education and youth, 43 to culture and 7 to arts.


The city is a real University town with two large universities: Anadolu University and the less mentioned Eskisehir Osmangazi University (which has an Architecture Department and a Faculty of Art and Design). The Contemporary Dance club formed by students of Osmangazi University and their event ‘Movement Eskişehir’ can be of interest.

Anadolu University

Anadolu University is a public university founded in 1958 and is the fourth largest university in the world by enrollment. The Higher Education Act of 1981 nominated Anadolu University as the national provider of distance education. The university's goal is to educate Turks who live in rural areas and others who do not have the time or resources to enroll in conventional schools. Enrollment in its distance education programs is also available to Turkish communities in Northern Cyprus and the European Union. To serve its distance education students, Anadolu University operates 88 bureaus in urban areas throughout Turkey. Most of Anadolu University's faculties and schools, including the Open Education Faculty and the Faculty of Fine Arts, are located at the Yunesemre Campus in the centre of Eskişehir. Ikieylul Campus, just outside Eskişehir's city centre, houses the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.


Events and organizations that are relevant for Art and culture are:

-          There are two professional theatre establishments: Theatre Anatolia and Eskişehir City Theatre

-          The International Eskisehir Festival, which has been held every year in October since 1995, presents music, dance, theater activities and exhibitions for nine days http://www.eskfest.org/

-          Eskişehir Odunpazarı Municipality’s Performing Arts Center (active in music, theatre, folklore)

-          Since UNESCO declared 1991 the year of poet Yunus Emre, the Yunus Emre Culture and Arts week was held every year in May mostly showing events related to the poet.

-          Eskişehir Art Associaton, Kamil Abi Art Group

-          Potential for rock music

-          Potential for visual arts, animation and music.