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The following sources were consulted for this chapter and, together with the sources mentioned in the individual chapters in this publication, may also be used for further research on cultural organizations in cities in Turkey:

-          The richest source for Addresses of Cultural Institutions was the book ‘Directlink, Turkey-Europe Arts Networking for intercultural dialogue’ a project by Santralistanbul and Istanbul Bilgi University which was realized in 2008. Istanbul Bilgi University press 228. Editor: Elif Kamışlı. Contribitors: Asu Aksoy et all. Texts are in English and Turkish.

-          For the visual arts the books ‘Turkiye sanat Yıllığı’ of the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 were consulted in order to gain an understanding of which cities had the most activities in this field. Sanat Bilgi Belge LTD published these books, and the editor of all three is Zeynep Rona. Each book has many contributors. The texts are in Turkish. The books contain many addresses, a selection of which was used in the Contemporary Visual Arts chapter.

-          The data in this chapter are also based on interview data with Turkish interviewees from different cultural disciplines mentioned in the part ‘Introduction: the assignment and use of this report’.                                           .

-          For general information about cities Wikipedia (English) was consulted in July and August 2010.

-          Where possible the websites from the mentioned universities were checked for further information about the contents of faculties and departments related to the cultural sector, and for information about Erasmus agreements.

-          Information about the municipalities was selected from Wikipedia (English) between July and August 2010 and the websites or when possible the ‘Gazete’ of those municipalities (local online newspapers).

-          Jak den Ekster of NIHA also contributed with suggestions (mostly concerning contacts).

-          Information on the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism website was used in much the same way as the website of the Civil Society Development Centre: in order to establish the number of cultural organizations in each city. http://www.kultur.gov.tr/EN/Genel/BelgeGoster.aspx?17A16AE30572D3130239E...

-          Civil Society Development Centre: http://www.stgm.org.tr/en/stoveritabani

-          The Kayseri addresses were researched by Mehmet Emin Aykurt.