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Media Coverage


The dance artists have more chance to perform abroad than in their local context. Finding studio spaces to practice is a big problem and renting spaces to perform costs much more than the artists can effort. The media coverage for contemporary dance is almost none. Few journals like Milliyet Sanat or Tiyatro provide space for one critical review of contemporary dance at best irregularly. There was one dance journal called Sempatik Dans/ Sympathetic Dance (which was stopped to be published after 2 years), covering more about Latin or Greek dances along with few information on modern/contemporary dance. Gist journal of Garajistanbul, published only three times (in 2009 and 2010), have tried to collect as many articles as possible on contemporary dance in Turkey. Having these conditions, it is hard to connect with a larger audience since there is no continuity in showing as well. The associations try to develop a non-existent infrastructure supported by the fact that several independent venues like Garajistanbul, Kumbaraci50, Talimhane have been established in İstanbul. CGSG/ ACPAI Association is really fighting to change this situation for a wider field of contemporary performing arts.