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Popular dance & Clubs and Dance


Popular dance genres in Turkey are mostly traditional (folk) dances and oriental dances for entertainment. In the last ten years or so, Latin dances like meringue, salsa, and tango have also gained huge popularity. Some also pursue flamenco and sirtaki. There are many workshops, courses and clubs for various Latin dances as well as many Latin dance competitions. The publisher of the Sympathetic Dance journal, Cemal Atila, has a Greek Dance Group (www.antropia.org). There are hundreds of Latin dance spaces in Istanbul, some names are: Murphy’s Dance Bar in Kalamış area, Gossip Bar in Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Yorker Balo Stage and Baila Tango in Beyoglu, Caliente, Manestra World Music Club, Dansorium in Istanbul. (More information can be found on www.salsaturk.com, www.forumturka.net/dans, www.danskurslari.org, www.sirtaki.org). Because there are so many Latin dance spaces and events, it is nearly impossible to give an outline of the scene. The best way to approach the topic may be by looking at the web sites and decide to check certain spaces and events according to the proficiency of their presentations.


In Istanbul the danceclub culture mainly exists in the Beyoglu area. In this area, many dance clubs can be found. Roxy Club is one of the oldest of them, opened in 1995 (www.roxy.com.tr). In this club they play all kinds of music, but also have theme nights and concerts. Ghetto features foreign and local musicians (www.ghettoist.ist) like Indigo Club (www.livingindigo.com). Babylon is mostly known as a concert venue (www.babylon.com.tr).