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Educational institutions


In Turkey people usually make the division between State and Private education, and this is why we do this in this survey as well. State Universities are cheap but require high points on the national University Entrance Exam (OSS in Turkish) and therefore have good students but sometimes lack facilities. Private education tends to be expensive (and the number of scholarships is limited) but students with less stellar results from the national University Entrance Exam can enter if they pay enough and facilities on campus are often state of the art.



Private universities have the most prominent visual communication arts and design departments, which are digitally well equipped with digital video and photography studios and computer labs.


Bilkent University, Visual Communication Design



Istanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design



Sabanci University, Visual Communication Design



Kadir Has University, Communication Design



State Schools

 State schools tend to get good students due to the national exam entry model, which “tests” students’ education, rank them by their scores, and match them to schools based the schools’ contingent. Since science and engineering schools get the most focus and budget by the government, the state school art departments are not well equipped with computer labs and digital media studios. Among the state schools, only few have digital focused art and design departments.


Yildiz Technical University, The Faculty of Art and Design



Istanbul Technical University, Technologies in Design Graduate Program