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Academics and researchers


In 2008 Annelies Moors of the ‘Internationaal instituut voor studie naar islam in de moderne wereld’ (Isim, ceased to exist in January 2009) researched Islamic fashion and music in Europe and coined the term ‘halalfashion’. This term is used to indicate the fashion styles of Muslim women that dress according to the latest trends but then being more covered. The current generation of Muslim women is dressed differently from those of 10 years ago. Nowadays Muslim women are better educated, have more money and look for more outstanding clothes. Muslim women are a new market. Cindy van den Bremen, a Dutch designer of Headscarves, notes that headscarves have become an accessory of a contemporary outfit. Such an outfit can be very fashionable as long as it is socially acceptable. Muslim women want to show that they are loyal to their belief while they are fashionable at the same time.

In his book on Muslim youth ‘Van Allah tot Prada’, published in 2006, Ton Nabben concluded that Muslim girls derive their identity from their clothing. Nabben calls this fashion trend hybrid, including traditional and modern elements.