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A fairly new cultural phenomenon Turkish soap operas and their dizzying popularity at home and abroad (the whole of the Middle East is enraptured) has contributed to the rising popularity of Turkish stars, Turkish fashion and has had an impact on style and fashion consumption. “Ask-i-Memnu” - “Forbidden love” series featuring most exquisite fashion has become the arbiter of style and launched carriers of many Turkish designers.


Prevalence of celebrity culture is all pervasive in the Turkish society. From obscure hairdressing salons in the suburbs to Nisantasi, the heart of fashionable Istanbul, clients devour Alem, local version of Hello magazine, to check on the latest society gossip and see who is wearing what. Celebrity styles are eagerly picked up and imitated. And if the budget is limited to afford a real Hermes, then you can always buy a copy at the Grand Bazaar. Scruples ? what scruples?