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Publications and blogs


Fashion as well as trends has a broad appeal in the Turkish society. The way you present yourself to the world is important. “Bakimli” well-groomed in Turkish, and “chic” are the best compliments.

The trends and styles are fed to the consumers through a wide range of fashion/life style/men/women/decor magazines in Turkish and numerous TV programmes. International titles of fashion and life style magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, In Style in Turkish are popular reads; their editions in French, English, German and Russian are also easily available. In addition all major newspapers have style sections and weekly style supplements.


Conde Nast has launched Vogue Turkiye in March 2010. The magazine has quickly acquired a cult status. In the first months since the launch it has reached a circulation of 80.000

According to Feride Tansug, owner of L’Appartpr Istanbul, fashion journalism and fashion critic is not yet developed as profession in Turkey. Journalists who write about fashion in the local press did not study fashion journalism. Their reviews and reports, she insists, lack expertise and end up being self celebratory. “When they get critical it is only about models”, she adds. On the other hand, local media support has been paramount in generating positive publicity and raising the profile of Turkish fashion designers.


Fashion blogging is spreading very fast. There are some thirty fashion blogs to date. Most of them in Turkish, but there are a few bloggers that post in English and Turkish. Among most notable Zelfist, Fashion Addict Istanbul, Ikoncan. Another referential site to check on all things fashion and trends in Turkey is www.trendometre.com.


All magazine is the most popular shopping and fashion magazine in Turkey. Similar in concept to Lucky magazine it has high circulation and is widely read. Women often come shopping equipped with their copies of All magazine asking for specific styles that were featured in the magazine.

Among emerging independent magazines we have to single out Turkish Week, Trendsetter, XoXo.

But Turkey has yet to create a publication like Fantastic Man or Gentlewoman that would have an international following.