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It was 80 years ago that İhap Hulusi became known as a graphic designer and illustrator in Turkey for the first time. He mostly designed logos and illustrations for corporate companies. For 10 years now a new scene of illustrators has been active. These young illustrators can follow developments in the field of illustration everywhere in the world, because they can see works on the internet and in illustration related magazines. On the business side however, it is more difficult for Turkish illustrators to make sense of how things work in other countries. In Turkey, internet, advertizing and TV companies do not have in-house illustrators or managers of illustrators, and they only work with freelancers. There are no standardized price ranges and the scene is not well organized. Lately there have been group exhibitions in galleries focusing on illustrators. Turkish illustrators are interested to meet Dutch colleagues and talk about how the illustrators in the Netherlands organize professionally (lobby and associations) and how the business side works there (practically in terms of price ranges, contracts etc). They would like to learn how commissioners work.