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TR + NL collaborations


It was practically impossible to systematically search for graphic designers from the Netherlands that came to Turkey or the other way around, but here follow the few addresses we could find.


Pinar Demirdag is a Turkish graphic designer who was educated at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and is still based in the Netherlands www.pinar-viola.com


Other Turkish graphic design agencies and providers based in the Netherlands:


http://www.sever.nl/ in Soest

http://www.tekindesign.nl/ in Eindhoven

http://www.fkkc.nl/ in Eindhoven In 2010 Erwin Slegers visited Turkey with his Bachelor of Design students from the (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, HKU) Graphic design department. The department plans to visit Istanbul once a year in the coming years with different groups of students.


Some well known graphic designers from the Netherlands attended and were guest-speakers at Grafist in Istanbul.

In 2008, designers Rene Knip and Janno Hahn took part in the Grafist 12 International Istanbul Graphic Design Week. Rene Knip’s main interest is the spatial, architectonic possibilities of language and characters. Janno Hahn is a typgraphic designer. In 2007, Maureen Mooren en Daniel van der Velden took part in the Grafist 11 Istanbul Graphic Design Week in Istanbul.


In 2008, Premsela, a Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, had an exhibition at the Istanbul Grafik Sanatlar Museum. The title of the exhibition was ‘Golden Age, Highlights of Dutch Graphic Design (1890-1990)’. The period concerned consists of the styles Art Nouveau, De Stijl, Expressionism, Dutch Constructivism and Rationalism after the War. See www.imoga.org and http://gratepe.blogspot.com/2008_09_01_archive.html.