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Educational institutions


Music education in the Turkish geography traditionally existed in a usta-çırak (expert-apprentice) relationship. However, with the reform movements in the Ottoman Empire, a conservatory was formed and education was pinned in Western style. For many years, the official way to enroll in music education has been to go to the state conservatory. However, today there are also private schools such as the Pera Güzel Sanatlar, Modern Müzik Akademisi and Istanbul Müzik Akademisi that also offer previously non-existing aspects of music such as tonmeistering, songwriting, and DJing.

The level of music education in high schools is definitely not high even though it may differ, depending on the teacher. Before 2009, the students could, but did not have to, choose either art or music classes starting from 9th grade. After 2009, they will have to choose either art or music and take it for two hours each week. In 10th, 11th and 12th grades, this will drop to only one hour.