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Festivals and events


Until 1999, popular and alternative music festivals were almost non-existent in Turkey. However, in the 2000s there was an explosion of festivals, with its highest peak in 2007. Turkish people could watch world stars one after another, and after an initial adaptation period, this became a regular phenomenon. Festivals sponsored by Coca-Cola and Efes Pilsen (a local beer manufacturer), such as Rock’n Coke and One Love respectively are the biggest ones, lasting 2-3 days. Rock’n Coke has become synonymous with camping, but there is no camping for One Love. The headliners mainly include international artists, but there are also some Turkish artists. There are vast types of activities such as rock-climbing, and games that are set up in the festival zones. The festivals generally attract a young audience.

The organizer of festivals is the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). The first music festival of Turkey, the International Music Festival was organized by IKSV 38 years ago, and not skipping a year, it is still the most comprehensive and impressive festival in the country. IKSV’s other prestigious festival, the International Jazz Festival, takes place every summer and always offers a great selection of events, something that Istanbul looks forward to. It includes both very well known artists, and newly emerging ones, so it offers a great window of selection for the audiences.



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