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Traditionally jazz was seen as an upper class type of music in Turkey. With the organization of events that made jazz more friendly to masses, however, there is a big change in the way people view jazz. Organizations such as Balık-Ekmez Caz (Fish’n Bread Jazz), Kahvaltıda Jazz (Jazz at Breakfast), and Caz Vapuru (Jazz Ferry) have all proved to be very successful, with people from a variety of backgrounds attending. Ramazanda Caz (Jazz in Ramadan) was an especially interesting festival where Muslim jazz musicians from all around the world, including Abdullah Ibrahim and Ahmad Jamal, played jazz during the holy month of Ramadan on historic locations. The introduction of new venues such as Halic Tersanesi (old shipyard) work really well with jazz.

            Classical jazz also goes well with the audiences. A core-audience for this genre certainly exists today.


Istanbul Jazz Festival – 17th version of this festival organized by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) had more than 50 international and local concerts.

Hakan Erdoğan is an experienced organizer who implemented novel ideas such as Jazz in Ramadan, Jazz at Breakfast etc.

Hüseyin Başkadem organizes the Jazz Festival in the city of Afyonkarahisar. He is connected with the emerging jazz musicians.



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