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Opera in Turkey is solely a state funded activity because of the costs. Only Turkish citizens can be hired in state opera. However, the state opera hosts many guest singers among whom also Dutch singers. The first International Istanbul Opera Festival was organized in July 2010. It was organized by State Opera and Ballet. This is a very recent development that was welcomed positively by large circles. It may be a good idea to organize some recitals by classically schooled opera singers of Turkish and Dutch decent performing together.

Anderske Kaspersma is a Dutch opera singer living in Istanbul.

Gonca Gurses is a Turkish opera singer who is married to a Dutch man called Wilco Van Herpen.

It can also be interesting for Dutch singers to make use of Turkish opera coaches. The cost of the Turkish coaches are lower. If you are interested, please contact Gonca Gurses. She can help you get into contact with the head of opera at the state theaters. 



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