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Turkish art music


The current popularity of this genre is unfortunately not very uplifting. Although it had a glorious past, it is now lacking the production and attention it once enjoyed. Today choruses of the Ministry of Culture are giving concerts and publishing CDs, the most important of which is the State Chorus. Banks and other private organizations also produce Turkish music CDs and sponsor events. TRT (state owned TV) and others also produce CDs of today’s artists as well as recordings from their archives.

However, there is almost absolutely no reaction from the television and press. It is as if nothing is being produced. There is a huge gap between what is actually produced and the hype around it. This results in younger generations not being very interested in this genre. If promoted, this genre may have a better future.


Gönül Paçacı currently gives lessons on Turkish classical music at Boğaziçi University. She is also the leader of Boğaziçi University’s Turkish Music Club. She is very experienced in album production as well.

Ersu Pekin is an expert on Turkish classical music. He has plenty of books on traditional Turkish instruments and is music history.

İnce Saz is a band led by Murat Aydemir. This group of musicians has been very effective in their renditions of old songs as well as their own repertoire which somehow modernizes this genre.

Doğan Hızlan is a veteran arts and culture journalist whose special interest area is Turkish music. He is aware of everything that has taken place in the country so far as well as the latest developments.

Musicology Platform is led by musicologist Ersin Antep. It holds panels and discussion gatherings on topics regarding music.