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Young people spend an immense amount of time in cyberspace. They quickly adapt to new technologies and since there is no economic barrier to the internet, every type of socio-economic class is included. Facebook is widely used for sharing self-made and other music as well as MySpace which has its own Turkish branch since 2008. Pop music blogs such as Fatih Melek http://www.fatihmelek.net/ , Muzikgazetesi http://www.muzikgazetesi.com/ , Gercek Pop http://www.gercekpop.com/, Takstar Galaktika http://takyildiz.blogspot.com/, Suat Kavukluoglu http://suatkavukluoglu.blogspot.com/ and alternative music blogs such as Hafif Müzik http://www.hafifmuzik.org/ and Çekme Kaset http://cekmekaset.blogspot.com/ specialize in news and commentaries and all have a great amount of followers