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Turkish music Festivals in the Netherlands


Turkey Now!

Stichting Kulsan is the organizer of the Turkey Now! Festival in the Netherlands. It was organized for the first time in 2007, and had two more editions in 2008 and 2010. The festivals are organized in collaboration with organisations in Turkey like the IKSV and, for the 2010 edition wherein Istanbul is Cultural Capital of Europe, the “Istanbul 2010” foundation. The next edition will take place in 2012. The Turkey Now! Festival offers a large variety of activities, mainly focused on music. Not only traditional, but also modern musicians are invited to perform in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as in some smaller venues.


Official website: http://www.turkeynow.nl

Interview with Coskun Sabah, Turkey Now Festival 2010 http://www.danielbertina.nl/2010/03/05/pionier-van-het-turkse-levenslied/

Interview with rapper Ceza, Turkey Now Festival 2007



Culturele Zondag

The Utrecht municipality organizes cultural Sundays in the city in collaboration with several institutions, like podia, galleries, museums, but also churches and mosques, sport clubs and educational institutions. In some previous editions there was a focus on cultural diversity. In 2006 the theme of the Cultural Sunday was Turkey Express, with activities on more than 20 locations in the city of Utrecht. The music part of Turkey Express was called ‘A Trip through 300 years of Turkish music’. See: http://www.culturelezondagen.nl/2006/11juni2006_a.htm



Officially Winternachten is an annual literary festival, held in The Hague. The aim is to bring writers and poets together, and in these meetings they share their dreams, experiences, ideas and work, both with other authors and with the public.

During Winternachten 2005, there were not only authors, but also Turkish films and musical artists who performed, like the Tahir Aydogdu Ensemble, Murat Ay and Ekrem Sahin, and Baraná. See: http://www.winternachten.nl/winternachten/aproductie.php?productie=0109&editie=0010&taal=nederlands#0375


Muziek in Klank & Kleur

Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum and the Arnhemsche Federatie van Muziekgezelschappen organized a festival in May 2010. For this festival almost twenty music associations were present in the museumpark. There were many different types of music, but what made this year special was that there were also performances by Hindu and Turkish musicians and dancers.