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There are 3-4 main photography laboratories in Istanbul that cover nearly all the prints of the main exhibitions of Turkey. But there are two main laboratories in art prints.

DifoLab (www.difolab.com/; Address: Nato Cad. 35/A Seyrantepe/Istanbul; Phone: +90 (212) 2692159; info@difolab.com) was founded by Halim Kulaksiz. They cover all aspects of the photography techniques. They are widely equipped with the last technologies. They have the possibility to print on every sort of materials and on big surfaces. There prices remain high for the Turkish standards but they also have a wide range of international clients which prefer to have their print done by DifoLab.

Genix (www.genix.info; Address: Ömerli Köyü Sanayi Bölgesi Adana Kahveci Cad. No:16 34555 Hadımköy/Istanbul; Phone: +90 (212) 7983500; info@genix.info) was founded by …Yörük in 1995. They are also offering a wide range of photography techniques. In addition, he founded Elipsis, his own photography gallery. His children Sinem Yörük and Kerem Yörük are now running the businesses.

Both of these laboratories are involved in every aspects of photography and they are eager to make financial sacrifices in order for the photography art to develop in Turkey.

The prices are approximately as below:

Printing of a 40x60cm photo: 15/20 Euro + Tax

Printing of a 100x100cm photo: 30/40 Euro + Tax

Printing of a 100x100cm photo on vinyl and its carcass: 15/20 Euro + Tax

Printing of a 40x60cm mounted on forex and its carcass: 30/40 Euro + Tax