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Fashion Photography


FABRIKA (www.fabrika.com.tr) is a fashion photography studio founded by fashion photographers Tamer Yılmaz and his Ayten Alpun in 2000. It has been a school for many young photographers aspiring to build their career in fashion. Fabrika is where many talented and established photographers received their training, such as Koray Birand (www.koraybirand.co.uk) before he founded his own studio. There are also a few independent photographers such as Ali Yavuz Ata and Emre Ünal in this field. Fashion photographers are financially relatively better off, considering that the Turkish editions of international fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, etc regularly commission new work. Textile and clothes advertising is also an extremely developed field in Turkey and Turkish fashion photographers work regularly with Turkish fashion houses for their catalogues and advertising campaigns. Koray Birand is also now photographing for various European fashion houses and magazines.


Contact Person: Tamer YILMAZ

Phone : +90 212 2867160



Contact Person: Ahmet Unver

Address: Serdarı Ekrem Caddesi No 27/4 Beyoglu Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 2510060