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Financial support in Turkey



Of the financial support for theatres in Turkey, the largest part goes to the centrally governed State theatres. The amount these State theatres received in 2009 was 110 million TL (55 million Euros). The State Theatres have a large team of directors, actors and actresses, dramaturgies, costume-, stage- and light designers.


The second significantly funded theatres are the Municipality Theatres in Istanbul. They also have a large team of directors and designers, and more than 200 actors and actresses. The Municipality theatre has eight stages in different parts of Istanbul.


All the funds that are given to theatres in Turkey are shared between the State and the Municipality theatres. Independent theatres also receive a fund, but this one is given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2009-2010 3 million TL (1,5 million Euros) were given to the independent theatres. This amount is not enough for the independent theatres, it is barely enough for the costs of productions. Therefore independent theatres have to sell tickets with high prices. While the funded theatres sell tickets for 6 TL, independent theatres have to ask 20-50 TL. Some theatres are funded by banks and institutions.