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‘’Foundation Law for State Theatre and Opera’’ That passed in 1949 was put into practice on June 16, Turkish State Theatre was established in June 16, 1949 with a new name ‘’State Theatre and Opera: it was continuation of Practice Stage. The aim of ‘’State Theatre’ is defined as; To improve language and culture to advance general knowledge of Turkish society with national and international plays, to develop and explore Turkish Theatre in the country ,to introduce Turkish Theatre abroad .State Theatre accepted the principle for the spread of the notion and mission of theatre in Turkey. It pioneered the formation of national theatre by putting Turkish playwrights ‘plays in the repertory gradually, besides staging masterpieces of European Theatre. State Theatre is 60 years old. With 43 stages in 13 cities together with touring theatre companies, theatres open their curtains every night. With carefully selected and rich repertory State Theatre performs plays all over Turkey, additionally every year in and out of the country about 500 plays are staged. With national, international theatre festival organizations State Theatre affirms its respectability esteem in the world. Turkish State Theatre is a member of ETC-European Theatre Convention since June 2007.