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Istanbul Biennial

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) has been organizing the International Istanbul Biennial since 1987. The Biennial aims to create a meeting point in Istanbul in the field of contemporary visual art between artists from diverse cultures and audiences in Turkey. The eleven biennials IKSV has organized up to now have enabled the formation of an international cultural network between local and international art circles, artists, curators, and art critics by bringing together new trends in contemporary art every two years. After the first two biennials had been realized under the general coordination of Beral Madra in 1987 and 1989, IKSV decided to adapt a single curator system following the Istanbul Biennial directed by Vasıf Kortun in 1992. The Biennial was organized under the curatorship of René Block in 1995, Rosa Martínez in 1997, Paolo Colombo in 1999, Yuko Hasegawa in 2001, Dan Cameron in 2003, Charles Esche and Vasıf Kortun in 2005, Hou Hanru in 2007 and What, How & for Whom / WHW in 2009 and will be realised by Adriano Pedrosa ve Jens Hoffmann in 2011.


1987 "Contemporary Art in Traditional Spaces" General Coordinator: Beral Madra 1989 "Contemporary Art in Traditional Spaces" General Coordinator: Beral Madra 1992 "Production of Cultural Difference" Director: Vasıf Kortun 1995 "Orient-ation – The Image of Art in a Paradoxical World" Curator: René Block 1997 "On Life, Beauty, Translations and Other Difficulties" Curator: Rosa Martinez 1999 "The Passion and the Wave" Curator: Paolo Colombo 2001 "Egofugal – Fugue from Ego for the Next Emergence" Curator: Yuko Hasegawa 2003 "Poetic Justice" Curator: Dan Cameron 2005 "İstanbul" Curators: Charles Esche and Vasıf Kortun 2007 "Not Only Possible, But Also Necessary: Optimism in the Age of Global War" Curator: Hou Hanru 2009 "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" Curator: What, How & for Whom / WHW

Ankara Biennial

Ankara Biennial (Asia-Europe Biennial) was first organized in 1986 and has only be organized four times to date. The 5th edition is planned from 1 April-25 May 2012 in Ankara. http://www.ankarabienali.com

Sinop Biennial

The Sinop Biennial, also known as Sinopale, is an important activity carried out by the Istanbul-based organization European Cultural Association. The Sinopale had its 3rd edition in 2010 and is developing its international identity.


Çanakkale Biennial

The first Çanakkale Biennial was arranged in 2008 by Denizhan Özer was organized for the 2nd time between 20 September-10 October in Çanakkale. Izmir Biennial

The first Izmir Biennial will be organized by Seba Art Gallery between 4-11 May 2011.


Antakya (Hatay) Biennial

The first Antakya Biennial was organized in 2005, later the name was changed into the International Antakya Biennial which took place in 2007. The ‘second’ biennial took place from 15 October - 20 November 2010 in Antakya. http://www.antakyabienali.org

Adana Biennial

The first International Adana Biennial was organized in 2007.


Mardin Biennial

The first Mardin Biennial was supported by the Governorship of Mardin and the office of the Prime Minister GAP administration. The Biennial was arranged from 4 June - 5 July 2010.