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Contemporary Istanbul

The fifth edition of Contemporary Istanbul took place from 25th to 28th November 2010 at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC). It is the most extensive "modern and contemporary art" event in Turkey, lasting for four days. Contemporary Istanbul is hosting national and international galleries, collectors, museum directors, curators, art critics, members of the press, art lovers and artists from all over the world. In addition to the main event, Contemporary Istanbul is organizing several side events and art projects such as conferences and exhibitions, with the aim of contributing to the country's contemporary art development throughout the year.


Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

Many activities are carried out within the European Capital of Culture Agency. Particularly, the Visual Arts Directorate organized various exhibitions, workshops, meeting and symposia throughout 2010. There are rumors that the organization may continue in some form after 2010.


Amber Festival

Amber Festival is the largest event in Turkey in the field of Arts and Technology. It takes place every year in the second week of November. The festival is held in a variety of venues in Istanbul. Amber’09 was organized by BIS Body-Process Arts, an interdisciplinary association that focuses on artistic performance and technology. 


Visibility Project

The “Visibility Project 6”, which is financially supported by the Visual Arts Department of the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency, presented a program consisting of seven workshops. The workshops were presented in 5 different places in the Galata district in September. The workshops that were held in September were presented on Saturday the 2nd of October 2010. Audiences could get a map that showed the locations of the different activities. Among the workshops were playwriting, mask design, performance, theory, and theater theory workshops.


International Student Triennial

The 5th International Student Triennial which happened from June 7-9 was organized by the Marmara University - Faculty of Fine Arts for the fifth time in 2010. This Triennal was held every year since 1997 and has become a fixture on the annual arts program. With its ever increasing number of participants, the Triennial hosted a record number of participants with the support of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency in 2010. In that year 93 organizations and 500 students from 44 countries joined the event with the theme "East of the West, West of the East: New Approaches in Art and Design"



Jangle Jam International Art Festival

The JangleJam Art Festival, Hush Gallery’s new project, is intended to create an independent art space in Istanbul. The project aims to create a place that can accommodate and support individual or group artistic projects of contemporary art, visual art, performance, music, experimental theater, and poetry. Hush Gallery in Kadikoy will host the sessions of the JangleJam Art Festival, encouraging the artists to share their talents and experiences.


Ankart Ankara Art Meeting

In 2010 the 10th Ankara Art Meeting was organized. This meeting was created by ÇAĞSAV (Contemporary Arts Foundation).



Çukurova Art Days

Adana http://www.cukurovadasanat.com


Antalya International Plastic Arts Festival

The purpose of this festival is to bring Turkish and international artists together in Antalya, increasing the interaction of cultures and to introduce the cultural, historical and natural beauties of Antalya to the whole world. More than 35 artists from 16 countries will meet at the festival. They will bring their works for the exhibition in the Antalya Museum.


Diyarbakır Culture and Art Festival

Photograph and Painting exhibitions are held within the frame of the festival.  

Diyarbakır http://www.diyarbakir.bel.tr

International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

The Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival is the biggest of its kind in the world. Participants from more than 10 countries -nearly 40 artists and 30 persons as technical staff- used 7500 tons of sand to create sand sculptures. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism realized this event with the assistance of the Municipality of Antalya Lara Beach Park where the event is organized. In April preparatory work starts for the festival. Artists begin on May 1 and continue to work on their statue until the doors open to the public on May 20th.


FabrikartGrup Contemporary Arts Festival

In 2010 Fabrikartgrup defined “Love in Shape” as the theme of their contemporary arts festival. Between August 23 and August 31 2010, the festival was realized with 20 pictures, 10 photographs, 5 installations, 5 sculptures, 20 short films and a documentary.