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Today, there are many areas where visual art is combined with other cultural disciplines, such as fashion and internet. When the combination of fashion and visual art is mentioned, Hussein Chalayan immediately comes to mind. Artists combine and reproduce fashion with contemporary art. Nowadays, works of artists, in which fashion and art is synthesized, can be displayed in Istanbul Modern. The combination of e-culture with visual art is also developing on different levels. On the one hand exhibitions, fairs, and workshops are communicated via platforms such as Facebook. E-culture in this sense can be understood as a basic facility. On the other hand there is an increase in the critical awareness about developments in art and technology, as well as art works that connect with its audience through web browsers on the internet without the need of physical places or art objects. This is not always a critical choice, there are also artists who cannot find a physical exhibition space who show their works too, and therefore show their works through virtual platforms. Audiences have a chance to see art works such as photographs or videos on sites such as the ones from the Eczacıbaşı art museum (http://www.sanalmuze.org) and Ekavart (http://www.ekavart.tv ). Another noteworthy development is the number of artists using free web platforms provided by websites such as blogspot.com. Artists or groups working in visual arts exhibit their works on these websites and publish manifestos or comments about art. Thus, internet may become the main exhibition place in the public sphere.