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Prizes and grants


Artists working in visual arts are mostly supported by private foundations or persons. Prizes and grants in visual arts are generally given by private foundations, public and private banks, galleries and big companies. There are some competitions and grants for young artists but the number of these is unfortunately insufficient. Some contests give cash prizes and the right for exhibiting in a gallery to the winning artist(s). If the contest is international, work of winning artists can be exhibited abroad. The aim of these contests is to discover new capable artists and increase recognition of these artists. The contests are more oriented on Turkish citizens as most Turkish competitions do not allow foreign artists to apply. There are some important contests for young artists such as “Siemens Borders/Orbits Competition” (http://www.siemenssanat.com ) organized by Siemens, “DYO Painting Competition” (http://www.yasar.com.tr) organized by DYO company, “State Painting and Sculpture Competition” (http://www.guzelsanatlar.gov.tr) and “State Photograph Competition” (http://www.kulturturizm.gov.tr) organized by the Ministry of Culture, “Nuri İyem Painting Competition” (http://www.evin-art.com) organized by Evin Gallery and “Young Artists Painting Competition” (http://www.macartgallery.com by Mac Art Gallery.

Turkish artists also attend international contests such as the “Henkel-Art.Award” arranged by the Henkel Company. There are not many funds available for artists in Turkey. Besides contests, big foundations, private companies and persons sponsor exhibitions.