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The 1950s


 After 1950, artistic works that were different from the academic painting concept were produced by some artists outside the academy such as Aliye Berger, Cihat Burak, Ömer Uluç and Yüksel Arslan. This may be an indication of a new type of modern art emerging in Turkey as a revolt against traditions and historic movements in the West. By going beyond forms copied from the West, new perspectives were formed in the field of art. The notion that new interpretations and a move away from the academics needed to be made, happened thanks to artists involved in the production. Development of more libertarian and innovative art works started to be supported in this period. Maya Gallery opened in 1951 and the Turkish branch of AICA (Assocation Internationale des Critiques d’Art) was founded in 1953. Nevertheless, independent and original art work from some movements that emerged in the West would not be exhibited until much later.