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Art management


Art management is a field that has only developed in the last few years. Some universities opened up new art management departments. The number of people that are involved in art management education gradually increases. Art management slowly gains more visibility as a discipline on a national level. It also grows as a field, since Turkish contemporary art becomes more known internationally. Deficiencies in the art management field have become apparent due to Biennials and developments in the art market (in which in the past only private galleries and collectors were active). The majority of people working in the field of art management in Turkey were originally trained in another field. However, they gained experience and information by working in the art field. At the universities listed below, not only art management but also curatorial education is being taught.


The Universities that have Art Management department are listed below;

Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul

Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul

Istanbul Kültür University, Istanbul

Yeditepe University, Istanbul

Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul