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Art for the national/local market


There is not enough effort put into developing and understanding art production for the local market. Artists focus mostly on international markets. Consequently, while the target group for produced works of art is generally the local audiences from all regions of Turkey, as an object to be sold it is mostly intended for national or international art markets. Istanbul is rapidly becoming a brand city, to which artists from many cities of Turkey have come, and which helps all art markets to come alive. Istanbul is a crossroad for artists. Consequently, artists aim to move art works to Istanbul and from there try to move to international art markets. The latest developments in the art market are followed by galleries in Istanbul, collectors, museums, and the powerful owners of capital and institutions. Artists living and producing art outside Istanbul feel they have no choice but to move to Istanbul if they want to break into national and international art markets. This can be difficult for some, because of the lack of social and economical support by family and friends and the fact that Istanbul is an expensive city. For the same reason, it is almost a necessity for foreign artists to come to Istanbul, even if they want to do art projects in cities outside Istanbul. The art scene is trying to respond to the demand to move art outside Istanbul, by organizing Biennals and festivals outside Istanbul, and by creating centers in other Turkish cities. New art centers outside Istanbul are set up with the support of both artists and private institutions. Universities and departments of fine arts play a significant role in developing art spaces in the periphery. It will be especially beneficial if artists coming from abroad communicate directly with these universities and art centers and thus contribute to the next step in the professional development of the art world in Turkey.