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How people enter the art field


Because people enter university departments depending on the points they scored in the national University Entrance Exams, and are allocated to specific departments and universities by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK in Turkish) many people study first study something else before they come to work in the art field. This means that people who want to be artists not only need to network in order to get opportunities, but also get involved in self-study and pear-to-pear and master-apprentice style learning to get the necessary experience in order to create art. The way young artists meet with players in the art market is through social networking, entourage, educational institutions, curators and exhibition places. Close relations are needed to secure partners for projects and exhibition possibilities. In addition to this, curators and gallery organizers follow artists and help them to produce and display new works. Curators and gallery owners also display works of young artists in ‘end of the year exhibitions’, by selecting works from graduates of departments of fine arts in universities, by arranging competitions, and by creating institutions especially supporting young contemporary art. The “Sınırlar Yörüngeler” (Borders Orbits) competition, which has been arranged since 2007 by Siemens Sanat is a prominent organization in this field