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Akbank, Sanat (a.k.a. Aksanat)

Akbank Sanat Centre was established in 1993. Since 2003, its programming headed more towards contemporary art. Throughout the year, exhibitions, talks, lectures, film screenings and concerts and more than 700 events are organized in and by Akbank Sanat. It also offers lithography and silkscreen printing workshop to artists.



Yapı Kredi, Kültür Merkezi

This is a venue where over 200 different art and cultural events are held annually. Many "agenda setting" and "widely resonating" exhibitions, forums, debates and productions are held at this focal point of art and culture. The events held here focus on painting, sculpture, photography, archeology and culture at large. Contemporary art exhibitions are hosted in Kazım Taşkent Exhibition Hall.


Platform Garanti (Presently called SALT)

Platform Garanti opened in September 2001 and is located in Beyoğlu. It facilitates meetings for artists, curators and critics. There are research and lecturing facilities available, and it has an extensive artist archive. The Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center encourages art on both a local and international level. It even offers a Residency Program, which is open to international artists, critics and curators. Visitors can enjoy various group and solo exhibitions as well as lectures, workshops and video and film events. The Platform is managed by Vasıf Kortun (curator).



Galerist in Istanbul is one of the most innovative contemporary art galleries in the region. Founded in 2001 by Murat Pilevneli, Galerist shows artists such as Haluk Akakce, Leyla Gediz. It participates in international fairs and is seen as the most internationally active and professional gallery in Turkey.



"ARTER - Space for Art" is initiated by the Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKF) and opened in 2010. It is conceived as an exhibition space and its program is created with the aim of encouraging production of contemporary artworks, providing a platform for artistic practices, producing and presenting exhibitions curated from the VKF Contemporary Art Collection, as well as from other private collections and archives. In terms of funding, exhibiting, promotion and publications, as well as support for educational activities, Arter offers artists a sustainable infrastructure for producing new works. Arter's inaugural show “Starter” presented more than 160 works by 87 artists, all belonging to the Vehbi Koç Foundation Contemporary Art Collection. The exhibition was curated by René Block, who also played a significant curatorial role in the formation of the collection.

İstiklal cad. No:211 Beyoğlu – İstanbul


Galeri x-ist

Gallery x-ist is an 'art gallery project' realized by collector Daryo Beskinazi and art director Kerimcan Güleryüz on the basis of their experience in the art world, the result of many years of activity. X-ist provides an alternative to the current concept of the art gallery and aims to exhibit the work of young talents who do not as yet have a large audience, but who are making their mark on the future. x-ist is a meeting 'space' for artists who challenge institutions opposed not just to them, but to all innovation. By means of its opposition to flatness and monotony and its choice of art work it aims to create a fresh and innovative 'space' and thus to become Turkey’s pioneering gallery in the area of contemporary art.


Galeri Nev

Galeri Nev, with branch offices in Istanbul and Ankara, is one of the oldest contemporary art galleries. Galeri Nev was founded in 1984 by two architects, Ali Artun and Haldun Dostoğlu. Since its establishment, over three hundred exhibitions have been held in the gallery’s venues in Ankara and Istanbul. These exhibitions were mainly featuring the ‘first modernists’ of Turkey: the representatives of the post World War II generation and the two following generations. Nev has also opened its doors to European modernism through the shows of Alechinsky, Bonnard, Dali, Dubuffet, Picasso, Pedersen and Saura. In addition, Nev has given place to contemporary art from the United States, Canada, South America, Africa and Japan. Among the existing galleries in Turkey, Galeri Nev was the first to venture into the field of international art fairs, and it is with the Stockholm, Madrid (ARCO) and Athens art fairs that many artists from Turkey were represented abroad for the first time. The Gallery is also unique in editing and publishing over a hundred limited edition reproductions and ninety-three volumes of art books and catalogues to date.


Kasa Galeri

In 1998 Sabancı University set out at the Minerva Han, a landmark historical building, which was built as a bank at the beginning of 20th century. When instruction started on the campus, the Karakoy building was retained as the University's downtown Communication Centre and started serving as an annex and a venue for conferences and cultural activities. The original built-in vault situated in the basement of the Minerva Han has been transformed into an art gallery under the name "Kasa Galeri" and opened on April 1999 with a series of exhibitions entitled 'Winds to the Future'.


Piramid Sanat

Piramid Art Center was opened in Taksim by the internationally known Turkish artist Bedri Baykam (of the modernist generation) who is also very active politically and for this last reason people in Turkey tend to either strongly agree with him or oppose him. The concretization of this project is to the benefit of Istanbul’s artistic scene and Turkey’s art lovers in general. Piramid Art Center promises to make it its priority to emphasize the contemporary outlook towards life, respect artists who represented avangardism in their art and life, and value all sorts of ideas and art productions: from paintings to the multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary.  


Pi Artworks

Pi Artworks is a contemporary art gallery in Istanbul which was founded in 1998. Pi Artworks represents Turkish and international contemporary artists with a focus on the perspectives of the local art market. Gallery is directed by Yesim Turanlı, one of the founders of the Istanbul Art Museum Foundation and its President from 2007-08. Major exhibitions by the foundation are: 2001, Modern Turk1,Topkapı Palace - 2007, Modern Turk 2, Tophane-i Amire.



Dirimart opened its doors in February 2002 and shortly thereafter became one of the leading galleries in Turkey. The gallery works with young and established Turkish artists, as well as having a growing number of international names. With its dynamism and future-driven agenda, Dirimart participates in notable art fairs and envisions becoming the preferable partner for the world's leading artists and collectors. RES World Art/Art World is a biannual contemporary art magazine published by Dirimart.


Milli Reasürans, Sanat Galerisi

The Milli Reasürans Art Gallery was opened in 1994 in Teşvikiye. Within the past sixteen years the Millî Reasürans Art Gallery has organized more than 140 exhibitions which all had excellent reviews in art circles and were followed with interest. The gallery has published more than a hundred books and catalogues with texts by famous Turkish and foreign authors and art critics. 


Galeri Artist

Galeri Artist is a contemporary art gallery based in Istanbul, Ankara and Berlin. Founded by Daghan Özil in 1986, the gallery has developed a showcase for contemporary art. From the start, the gallery’s mission has been to connect European and Turkish art in Istanbul, where east meets west. In October 2003, Galeri Artist opened a space in Berlin with a show from the famous Dadaist artist George Grosz. Within the first year, the gallery held exhibitions featuring important artists to promote the Turkish scene in Germany. The headquarters in Istanbul host not only the gallery itself but also the Edition department which includes lithography, prints, and limited edition miniatures of a large selection of artists from Picasso to Fahrelnissa Zeid. Galeri Artist LAB, an experimental space for young artists, supports creations by new artists. The upper floors are dedicated to temporary exhibitions of works from the Özil Collection alternating with exhibitions in other local institutions or worldwide museums. In the context of its art promoting policy, Galeri Artist is also regularly editing books and two monthly magazines: Artist Acutal & Modern.



Artane was opened in 2006 by Photographer Sevil Sert in her new studio in Cihangir. This unique gallery in the centre of Istanbul acts as a bridge between Turkey and the International art world by enabling artists of many nationalities to create and show new projects. Some of these projects relate to Istanbul itself, others provide new perspectives on art. Artane is a new kind of space in which art collectors and the general public alike can see and acquire some of the latest developments in international contemporary art.  



artSümer, founded in 2005 by Aslı Sümer, focuses on representing the cutting-edge contemporary art of Turkey. The gallery works with artists at all stages of their career development, whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and new media. In September 2009, concurrent with the 11th Istanbul Biennial, artSümer relocated, as a gallery and project space, to one of the most established buildings of the art scene for the last 50 years in the Beyoğlu district. The gallery program consists of rotating solo exhibitions as well as participation in important international art fairs, including Contemporary Istanbul, Scope Miami and Scope Basel. artSümer is committed to showcasing substantive, young art in both local and international markets. Since its founding, artSümer has also specialized in the resale of select works of contemporary Turkish art and in customized consultation on collection management. 



IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Club)

IFSAK, being a non-profit and a non-governmental organization, was founded on November 29th, 1959 by a group of amateur photographers under the leadership of Mr. Nurettin Erkilic. The mission of IFSAK is formulated as “teaching, developing and expanding the art of Photography and Cinematography; to establish close relations and cooperation between photographers and cinematographers; creating a cultural and artistic environment where skills can be developed”. The organization of IFSAK consists of volunteer operating divisions responsible for different fields of activities; Training, Exhibitions & Shows, Press & Medias, Cinema, International Relations, Archives & Library, Informatics, Excursion, Festivals. 


C.A.M. (Contemporary Art Marketing) Gallery 

C.A.M. Gallery was established in 1992 by Sevil Binat and Nilufer Suluner, and was one of the first Istanbul galleries to exclusively show the work of contemporary Turkish artists and to chart the trends and concerns of the developing scene. Since 2002 the gallery has been solely managed by Sevil and Levent Binat, on two locations: The Beyoglu gallery exhibits the work of emerging artists while the Nisantasi space (opened in 2006) exhibits mid-career and established Turkish and International artists. The gallery actively participates in fairs and exhibitions abroad. The focus of the gallery is on work that is innovative and original, with a strong emphasis on supporting young artists. 



Fotografevi was established in 1987. Since that time it has been the center of the Turkish Photographic intelligentsia, and since the year 2000 has become more open to international collaborations. Fotografevi, is the representative for Magnum Photos in Turkey. Its space is centrally located in Beyoğlu, with 300 sqm exhibition space on 3 floors, has hosted exhibitions of both well known names and young talents. Fotografevi has been publishing the prestigious review İz for three years now. The circulation for the review is 12 thousand. As a publisher Fotografevi has made 45 books. 


Elipsis Gallery is uniquely focusing solely on the art of photography. It aims to encourage appreciation of photography to a wider audience.  


İş Sanat, Kibele Art Gallery

Kibele Art Gallery opened in 2000 with the works of Ayvazovski, one of the best known sea painters of the 19th century, commemorating his 100th death anniversary. Since then Kibele Art Gallary has hosted the Art Collection of İş Bank as well as retrospective exhibitions of the most renowned master sculptures in Turkish art history. There are three exhibition halls in the Kibele Art Gallery which is located at the main floor of the İş Sanat building. The exhibition halls can either be utilized individually or can be combined into a big hall for more extensive shows. In addition to the İş Bank’s art collection exhibitions, many artists’ personal and mix shows of paintings, sculptures and photography take place at the Kibele Art Gallery. There is also an archive that contains approximately 2000 paintings located in the Gallery, which is protected with special security measures.  


İş Sanat, İzmir Art Gallery

Izmir Art Gallery is located on the upper level of the İş Bank Konak Branch. The Gallery consists of two halls adjacent to each other and expanding over 400 square meters. Picture, sculpture and ceramic exhibitions are displayed in the gallery. 


Casa Dell’Arte Gallery

Casa Dell’Arte Gallery has two branches one in Istanbul and one in Bodrum. Casa Dell’Arte Gallery was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to promoting modern and contemporary art in and outside of Turkey. Casa Dell’Arte regularly carries out joint projects with globally renowned auction houses and galleries from Europe and Middle East, therefore providing Turkish art enthusiasts and collectors with a new platform to collect and interact with art.  


Art Park Gallery

Art Park Gallery opened in 2007 in Antalya. Supported by Istanbul based Marmara Univeristy, Işık University and Antalya based Akdeniz University. Gallery has 5 workshops and an exhibition hall.

Turgut Reis cad. Altındağ mah. Ceylan apt. No:6/12 Antalya

Doğanlar Art Gallery 

Doğanlar Art Gallery hosts activities such as exhibitions, conferences, training seminars and other events. Located in the Ford plaza in Gaziantep.


Görüntü Art Gallery

Founded by Yüksel Yıldırım in 1996 in Adana.