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Local official youth organizations


Local official youth organizations are the organizations that are officially established by local governments and which function as meeting points for young people from the same neighbourhood (often called Gençlik Merkezi in Turkish). These organizations are established in order to help the youth to obtain knowledge, gain some abilities and provide facilities to increase the participation of young people in social and cultural life.


  • Kadıköy Gençlik Merkezi – Kadıköy Youth Center


Meeting point. Guiding the young to develop their carriers. Organizing a festival.

  • Beşiktaş Belediyesi Gençlik Merkezi - The Beşiktaş Municiaplity Youth Center

Social space for the youth. Computer lab, seminer room and working rooms are provided.

  • Beyoğlu Gençlik Merkezi


The aim of the ‘Exhibit Yourself!’ project is to bring young people from Europe and the Middle East together and introduce their cultures to each other. 52 young people from Hungaria, Portugal, Algeria, Jordan, Israil, Poland, Egypt and Turkey participated.