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Youth as a potential


One’s youth is a period of life when people question what to do with their lives, refuse or compromise values, put forward new ideas, force their limits and think only about the present. While young people struggle to create their own world, they also try to understand the present and develop the potential of transforming the future. After recognizing this potential of youth, in the last few years non-governmental organizations (NGOs), official organizations, corporations and civil initiatives in Turkey have realized some youth and participatory projects. The aim of these projects was to increase the participation of youth in economic, cultural, social and political life, despite the misperceptions of, and prejudices about youth mentioned above. Although youth has been a working field for ten years, it is not easy to talk about a consistent and long term youth policy developed by the initiatives and authorities in Turkey. Any kind of youth policy needs to be based on the recognition of youth as a heterogenus group with different participatory behaviours, needs and priorities.