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The Netherlands, media hub


Boasting more than 50 media labs and 20 media festivals, the Netherlands can rightfully be considered a media hub. The Virtual Platform compiled an overview of the various media festivals, and in 2012 it presented a similar report on media labs in the Netherlands. Media labs are modern-day workshops, studios and research laboratories; places where artists, programmers, geeks, media designers, hardware developers, scientists and theorists collaborate in creating the latest technologies. Although superficially media labs appear to be involved mainly in creative and inventive experiments with computers and other new technologies, the strength of the labs is mainly in forging connections with other disciplines, ranging from art to healthcare and from science to urban development. [6]

Both the analysis and the publication Nederland-Labland are available here; an English translation can be downloaded here.

There are many pioneers of e-culture in the Netherlands, and you can find them throughout the country in the form of festivals, labs and virtual gatherings. Besides the well-established DEAF, Urban Myths and Sonic Acts, there are Smart Project Space and video platforms that continue to promote video art around the world and that provide advice on archiving digital heritage, such as The One Minutes. Other key players include game development companies Triumph Studios and Guerilla Games, which combine commerce with creative endeavours.

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