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Launch DutchCulture centre for international cooperation


“Through culture we can show who we are”

On 16 September the minister for Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans and the minister for Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker jointly opened the new DutchCulture centre for international cooperation in Amsterdam. The Dutch international cultural policy is a joint responsibility of both departments. ‘International cultural cooperation is not a luxury but a necessity. It feeds the inspiration of cultural entrepreneurs and gives a boost to our national identity and our image across the border.’ This was stated during the festive ceremony.

During an interview on stage, Frans Timmermans and Jet Bussemaker answered questions about the role played by Dutch culture in international relations and how culture can highlight the appeal of the Netherlands as a prospective partner, in trade and other areas. ‘The Dutch cultural sector needs foreign countries as a source of inspiration and renewal, and as a market for its products. Culture also says something about our identity and determines our image,’ Timmermans said. ‘Through culture we can show who we are.’ He argued that the meaning and significance of cultural exchange exceeds mere trade promotion. At the same time minister Timmermans said we must be realistic. The budget cuts also affect the international network of embassies, resulting in difficult decisions: ‘We cannot be present everywhere.’ Minister Bussemaker claimd to strive for a good balance between ‘where our strengths are and where artists want to go. The two ministers stressed that Dutch artists and cultural organisations have a strong international focus. ‘International cultural policy is not just about sending messages,’ Bussemaker said. ‘We must also be open to innovative ideas from abroad.’

Earlier that afternoon, ministers Bussemaker and Timmermans officially opened the new building of DutchChulture at the Herengracht 474 with a joint press of a button. The building is rented out by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds under favourable conditions.

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DutchCulture has been set up to promote, support and create international cultural cooperation. It is the product of a merger between SICA, Trans Artists and MEDIA Desk Nederland. DutchCulture has also taken over the international tasks of the former Netherlands Institute for Heritage. DutchCulture receives a four-yearly grant from both the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as substantive funding from the European Commission.

Kunst Kantoor
Manifesta Foundation and DutchCulture present the exhibition Rooms with a view. Rooms with a view is the first result of the new initiative Kunst Kantoor, a programme of site specific exhibitions and presentations in the working offices of DutchCulture and Manifesta Foundation. For this first exhibition Tegenboschvanvreden gallery has been invited to organise a presentation of works by artists who have a special view on the relationship between culture, the visual arts and society. The main focus in Rooms with a view is the concept of international cultural collaboration and the special role art can play in a development towards social cohesion and mutual understanding. The ‘rooms’ in the title of the show refer to the different positions of the participating artists regarding this subject. Read more about the participating artists and works (pdf). The exhibition is open from 16 September to 20 December 2013 at Herengracht 474 in Amsterdam. Rooms with a view is accessible by appointment only.

To view the exhibition please contact Manifesta Foundation T +31 (0)20 672 1435 or email assistent@manifesta.org